Welcome to Dilly Dog's Blog

Welcome to Dilly Dog’s blog, a tribute to Dill Cottage’s namesake.

We have been entertained for many years by our guest’s comments in our Visitors book, not just about their holiday, but their faithful friend’s holiday too – often on behalf of them!! With this in mind we invite you to e-mail your cutest doggie holiday snaps to be shared on Dilly Dog’s blog. Please send your pics to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We’ve started you off with our two mad Munsterlanders Freya & Digby, together with our neighbouring superstar cover girl pictured burrowing in the doggie toybox, the gorgeous Dolly Rose....

We were totally devestated to lose our lovely girl Freya in May this year. A very young, resillient and lively 13, - in spite of a challenging spinal diagnosis and toe amputation over the last year -  she was active and energetic until 48 hours before we had to make one of the hardest decisions as a pet owner. She was the glue that held our family together, and will be missed for a very long time to come by Simon and I, as well as her adopted boys, Digby and Quinn. Willful, stubborn, loving and loyal, she was our first munsterlander and she had such strength of will I think it wasn't on her agenda to leave when she did. My gorgeous girl.....when we now visit Dill Cottage there's a huge part of our lives missing, but we know you're still watching over us and keeping us in-line!


This has certainly been a strange few months for all of us, and the absence of pictures on Dilly Dog's blog shows us how quiet the area has been this year so far. We are so grateful for those of you who have deferred your holiday to next year; we haven't actually lost a booking, they have all been re-booked and we can't thank our lovely guests enough. Keeping everything crossed for some sunny weather for the remainder of the Summer.

Sparkle enjoying the beaches near Dill Cottage....

We've had a fabulous time spending weekends at Dill Cottage this year with our 3 pooches Freya, Digby & Quinn. It's been the busiest year for us, and sharing our favourite places with other guests gives us a lot of pleasure. We've made some additional changes this year; some tweaks indoors, but have also changed our welcome hamper to reflect our growing awareness of ethical, local and environmentally sourced products.

Sadly, our cover girl the lovely Dolly Rose succumbed to the great rainbow bridge in the sky earlier this year and is greatly missed by all. We have many happy memories of her visits at Dill and her rummages for all things foodie.......she will always have a very special place in our hearts.


 Happy days with the dogs on Newgale beach - feeling very spoilt as we had the beach to ourselves!

dog on beach in wales 2dog on beach in wales 1

 I'm Digby on the left, and my big 'sister' Freya is on the right. As you can see, we're being very obedient and looking cute. (Think that was the idea anyway!)

Usually when we're this good we either get something yummy to eat, or a new toy to chew. Sharing is caring, so I'd rather have what she's got and she'd rather have what I've got...


GF8R0239 dolly 2

I'm Dolly, a long haired Jack Russel, and if I say so myself, I think I'm rather sassy. I live nearby, and like to pop in for a sneaky rootle around to see whether my doggy pals have left any forgotten treats for me to snaffle, or toys for me to borrow.....GF8R0242 dolly 3